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We Went to War to Boost the White Male Ego · 2003-04-25

[The London Times]

With their dominance in sport, at work and at home eroded, Bush thought white American men needed to know they were still good at something. That’s where Iraq came in…

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Summer reading: Carolyn Kellogg on Norman Mailer · 2010-09-03

Carolyn Kellogg [Los Angeles Times]

Although the phrase “beach reads” evokes fluffy page turners, we had conversations around the office this spring that led us to think that people might have used the summer break-from-routine to sink into books that were meaningful, or lasting. What better way to find out than to ask?

In the responses we got from authors and booksellers, we discovered that people’s favorite summer reads were as broad as at any other time of year, not proscribed by anything but their enthusiasms. To close out our summer reads, here’s mine — I’m Carolyn Kellogg, and I write about books and publishing here at the L.A. Times — it’s a doorstopper.

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Norman Mailer’s “Moonfire” Celebrated With New Coffeetable Book · 2010-05-24

Alex Vadukul [Huffington Post]

Norman Mailer, a writer once known for his towering ego, enjoyed the release of an equally over-sized book last Friday. Fans of Mailer gathered in the sleek reading room of the Taschen bookstore in Soho to commemorate the posthumous release, “Moonfire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11,” a massive coffee table book based on his extensive coverage of the Moon landing for Life Magazine in 1969. Mailer’s last wife, Norris Mailer; the director of the Norman Mailer Writer’s Colony, Lawrence Schiller; and a fellow writer, Colum McCann, discussed and read from the book that could barely fit on the lectern…

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Life with Norman Mailer — and without him · 2010-04-10

Susan Salter Reynolds [Los Angeles Times]

In her memoir ‘A Ticket to the Circus,’ Norris Church Mailer recalls her Arkansas origins, her search for self-definition and the challenge of sharing a literary life with her husband…

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Ticket to the Circus · 2010-04-08

Jennifer Senior [The New York Times]

If, during your long life of letters, you happen to run for mayor of New York, act in a film by Milos Forman, consort with a convicted killer, insult Bella Abzug, head-butt Gore Vidal, sink your teeth into Rip Torn’s ear and stab one of your ­spouses with a penknife, odds are that there will be little left to say about you by the time your sixth wife comes along and writes her memoir…

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Norris Church Mailer: The Last Wife · 2010-03-31

Alex Witchel [New York Times Magaine]

Imagine this: It is 1975, and you are a 26-year-old high-school art teacher, the divorced mother of a 3-year-old boy, living in Russellville, Ark. You hear that a world-famous novelist is in town for one night, so you wangle an invitation to the party in his honor, hoping he’ll autograph your book. You find yourself smitten with this 52-year-old man — as he is with you

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A Conversation with J. Michael Lennon, Author of ‘Norman Mailer: A Double Life’ · 2013-09-25

A conversation with J. Michael Lennon, author of


Q: What was your relationship with Norman Mailer, and how did you come to write a biography of him?

ML: We first met in 1972 when I was writing my doctoral thesis on his work, and got friendly.  A couple of years later, I met Robert Lucid, his first archivist and authorized biographer. Eventually, I became Bob’s understudy, and when Bob died unexpectedly in 2006, I began writing my own version of the official, or authorized biography, with Mailer’s blessing… 

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