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The Norman Mailer Center & The Norman Mailer Writer's Colony

Mailer Home in Brooklyn Heights

Mailer Home in Brooklyn HeightsMailer Home in Brooklyn Heights, NYMailer Home in Brooklyn HeightsMailer Home in Brooklyn HeightsMailer Home in Brooklyn HeightsMailer Home in Brooklyn Heights


For 40 years, Norman Mailer lived and worked in the brick brownstone located on the waterfront of Brooklyn Heights, New York. Surrounded by glorious views of the East River and the Manhattan skyline, the apartment on the fifth floor at 142 Columbia Heights, was furnished and renovated by Mailer in a nautical theme, complete with crow’s nests, galley rooms, and ladders, to help the writer conquer his fear of heights. While Mailer was alive, the home hosted an interesting parade of writers, musicians, actors, and politicos for dinners and parties on a regular basis.


In 2013, Mailer fellows and workshop attendees met at the Mailer residence for their scheduled gatherings. During the day and in the evening, readings, seminars, lectures, special occasions, and receptions will be held at the Mailer home. When not in use with the summer fellowship and workshop program, the residence is home to Mailer’s son, Michael, who is a senior advisor to the Center’s Board of Directors.