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The Norman Mailer Center & The Norman Mailer Writer's Colony

Program Description

Norman Mailer understood the importance of the written word and devoted his life to it. He participated in many writing conferences, met and corresponded with countless young writers and encouraged them to be the best they could be. The vision of the Center and the Colony is as wide and as varied as Mailer’s vision as a writer.


The Center and the Colony offers workshops that explore what Mailer called “the spooky art of writing” and the unique ways writers apply their art to their own creative narratives.


Among the Center’s faculty of educators and writers are many whom not only personally knew and worked with Mailer over a number of years. but discussed and even debated with him how those skills of writing can and should be applied. All classes are limited to five attendees.


Scholarships to these workshops are based on merit and include ample writing rooms, wireless internet service and other resources for working at various locations. Food, lodging and travel, to and from Utah, are not included. Visit the Tuition, Fees and Expenses page for more information including affordable housing.