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The Norman Mailer Center & The Norman Mailer Writer's Colony


On the Road with the Mailer Center, 2014

The Center and the Writers Colony offers fellowships  during the summer months, in various genres of creative writing. These programs are open to students and writers through an application process which is based on merit. The faculty for these programs are established teachers, writers and editors. The Center and the Colony programs are for emerging writers and mentors for this program are accomplished authors. 


At this time, The Mailer Center is discussing a collaboration with a major New York educational institution that would allow for year round programs, a building of its own, while continuing to provide summer programs at locations throughout the United States and abroad. For this reason, the Center will take a hiatuses from this year’s workshops and fellowship programs. Please stay tuned and we will be posting our 2016 schedule as soon as we confirm the location and dates.