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The Norman Mailer Center & The Norman Mailer Writer's Colony


When will I hear if I’ve been accepted into the Fellowship Program?
You’ll hear back from us within one month of the closing date for that program’s applications.
Should my writing sample be single- or double-spaced?
Is it preferred that the writing sample is all part of one piece, or is a collection of different pieces acceptable as well?
Both are acceptable.
May I send in a book I’ve published with my application?
No! We are happy that you published the book, but please just send us an excerpt of the requested length and let us know where/when it was published.
Will I get a critique of the writing I submit with my application?
Unfortunately, we don’t offer that.
May I apply for a 2016 fellowship if I’ve been in an NMC program before?
You are welcome (and encouraged) to return to the Mailer Colony, but not necessarily for a program that you have attended previously. Contact us if you wish to repeat a workshop taken in the past; eligibility varies. (Write to Administrative Director, Emily, with questions.) Visit the Tuition, Fees & Expenses page in the Workshops section of the website for information about our discount for NMC alums to apply to and attend summer writing workshops.
May I apply for more than one program?
Yes. Please send in a separate and complete application for each program. (This requires separate application fees as well. Our vetting committees for each program are different, so the applications will need to be vetted by more than one committee.)
Can I attend more than one workshop in a season?
Yes, but NMC can only offer one scholarship per writer per season. Tuition and housing will have to be paid if you are accepted to and wish to participate in a second workshop.
Why is the application fee so high? Can it be waived?
The application fee allows us to process applications in accordance with the Center’s standards and requirements. In the future we hope to lower this amount, with the assistance of increased participation from our sponsors. Unfortunately, we cannot waive it at this time. We will be as generous in connecting writers to resources as we are able!
If I win a scholarship or fellowship at the Colony, will my partner/spouse be allowed to visit and stay with me?
In most cases, yes. We have a limited number of condos that can accommodate guests (per our lease agreements); all guests need to be approved by the Mailer Center in advance. Offering housing arrangements that can accommodate couples introduces extra cost to us, so there is a guest fee of $125/week for any length of visit from 1 night to 1 week.
Are my children allowed to visit and stay with me at the Colony?
The Center will no longer be able to provide housing for children. However, children will be welcome to visit.
Why is the administrative fee for a summer workshop higher than it was last summer?
Great question. The contribution of workshop participants (via administrative fee) will still cover only a fraction of the cost to NMC this year! Remember that workshops include tuition, staff support/overhead, AND housing. This year the Center's campaign to purchase the Mailer home also demands resources, as you can understand. We will always be as generous in connecting writers to resources as we are able. An additional note: We DO have a discount for NMC alums. Check the Tuition, Fees & Expenses page in the Workshops section of the website.
Is the application fee refunded if I don’t get in?
No. The fee covers the expenses of vetting incoming applications (of which there are hundreds!).
Do you feed workshop participants?
Meals are not provided on a daily basis.  We have a catered luncheon on the last day of each workshop; there are a few such luncheons and buffet dinners during fellowship programs.